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Children's clothing by katrinelli

katrinelli - The perfect gift for your little darling.

Welcome to katrinelli!

We are a small manufacturer of fine clothing for young children up to the age of three. All our products are:

  • Completely handmade by experienced local tailors
  • Made from 100 % organic-cotton
  • Made completely from raw materials which fully comply with the 'organic cotton' standards in accordance with the IVN (International  Association of the Natural Textiles Industry) and the GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standards)
  • Made without the use of heavy metals, azo dyes or allergens
  • Sustainable as a sought-after hand-me-down! The high quality and style of our clothing ensures its second-hand value for welcoming new siblings into the family or for passing on to other friends.
  • Designed to make other children jealous 

Try us, you can trust us - just contact us.







We have created a small collection of shirts for adults! Of course also made of 100% GOTS-certified organic cotton!

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Now you find the new katrinelli summer collection 2011 in our shop!


The new winter collection 2010/2011 is available!




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